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Release Year: 2016

Rating: 4.5/10 ( voted)

Critic's Score: /100

Director: Sylvie Verheyde

Stars: Hafsia Herzi, Ash Stymest, Karole Rocher

Set in London's world of high class call girls, Amoureux Solitaires tells the story of London based French escort Virginie, and Rupert, a man who rescues trafficked girls - A tale of modern love.

Hafsia Herzi - Virginie
Ash Stymest - Rupert
Karole Rocher - Raphäelle
Paul Hamy - Cook
Ira Max - Sofia
Lindsay Karamoh - Electre
Myriam Djeljeli - La petite soeur
Jeremy Bennett - Manor House client père
Simon Killick - Manor House client fils
Wayne Swann - Client 1 (cheminée)
Martin Alcock - Client 2 (chambre blanche)
Robert Benedetti-Hall - Client 3 (S&M)
Reuven Gershon - Client 4 (habitué)
Matt Sterling -
Marc Forde - Employé de nuit

Country: UK, France

Language: English, French

Release Date: 3 Jan 2016

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Budget: €2,500,000 (estimated)

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Rating: 2/10

Another "Lifetime"-esque version of prostitution with a PG13 level of nudity. In other words, a complete waste of time. But, wait, will the tattooed bad boy be her saviour? Lead actress is good, but the material is ultra-weak. There's plenty of sex scenes, but no skin. And almost all of them involving a stereotypical misogynistic old man. It's not engaging on any level whatsoever. I'd highly recommend "Student Services" or "Young & Beautiful" or even the TV show "The Girlfriend Experience" as far better material in this genre.


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