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Release Year: 2013

Critic's Score: /100

Director: Danny Germansen

Stars: Danny Germansen, Suzana Lungu

Doing all the breakdown films and videos that I have done - I think I owe the world to make this video. I had been living a lonely life in isolation in my apartment for many years because of my disability and my mental breakdown. But still I managed to make a few short films and started later to make video's also. In the first years I did't had internet. It was first when I got my films and video's uploaded to the net for four to five years ago I started to get some attention for my work and meeting friends to work with and talk to. It is with thanks to all the attention from friends and curators who like my work and me. That I now has made this video. All the LOVE and attention the world / universe - has been giving me, has been contributing to make me feel better and helped to THE HEALING of my person and has been giving my life and my world a meaning .

Danny Germansen - Himself
Suzana Lungu - Angel / The Universe

Taglines: Love is The World


Official Website: official Facebook page | Danny Germansen's Vimeo page |

Country: Denmark

Language: English

Release Date: 3 Jan 2013

Filming Locations: Denmark

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Budget: DKK 50 (estimated)

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