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Release Year: 2017

Rating: 4.0/10 ( voted)

Critic's Score: /100

Director: Mauro Borrelli

Stars: RJ Mitte, Wesley Snipes, Niko Pepaj

When five friends vacation at a remote lake house they expect nothing less than a good time, unaware that planet Earth is under an alien invasion and mass-abduction.

Writers: Reggie Keyohara III, Mauro Borrelli, RJ Mitte, Wesley Snipes, Niko Pepaj, RJ Mitte, Wesley Snipes, Niko Pepaj, Jedidiah Goodacre, Graham Shiels, Hannah Rose May, Vicellous Shannon, Elisha Kriis, Laura Bilgeri, Guy Griffithe, Megan Pereira, Dane Bowman, Tracey Hway, Benjamin DeWalt, Edward Gin, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

RJ Mitte - Brendan
Wesley Snipes - The Hunter
Niko Pepaj - Rob
Jedidiah Goodacre - Charlie
Graham Shiels - Prisoner Romanovich
Hannah Rose May - Kara
Vicellous Shannon - Astronaut Jackson
Elisha Kriis - Eva Kapoor
Laura Bilgeri - Annie
Guy Griffithe - Dr. Lawrence Manning
Megan Pereira - Rachel
Dane Bowman - Alditch
Tracey Hway - Kara's Mom
Benjamin DeWalt - Cop #1
Edward Gin - Young Scientist


Official Website: Twitter page

Country: Canada

Language: English

Release Date: 3 Jan 2017

Opening Weekend: $6,570 (USA) (2 June 2017)

Gross: $10,451 (USA) (9 June 2017)

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Rating: 1/10

Before reading the reviews for this film take a minute and see how long the members giving such awesome reviews have been a member of IMDb. Today is 16th June and none of the 15 people concerned have been a member for more than 1 week. Such behaviour debases IMDb as a valuable resource for those genuinely looking for honest opinions and reviews of a film. When is something going to be done to put an end to this? Maybe if IMDb introduced a policy that a person has to be a member for 2 years before it is possible to post a review would help solve the problem. As it stands, reviews here cannot be believed. Personally, after reading a review, good or bad, I always click on the reviewers name to see how long they have been a member, how many reviews they have written, and if more than one, when those reviews were written. If there are just a few and those reviews were written in a few days of each other and are glowingly good, then clearly something is not right. So, back to The Recall (2017), it's a case of going blind at the moment until some trustworthy people who have seen the film post a review.


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