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Release Year: 2016

Rating: 5.3/10 ( voted)

Critic's Score: /100

Stars: Gabrielle Anwar, Catherine Oxenberg

In a post sexual revolution world, where you can purchase a vibrator just as easily as a pair of shoes, roughly one-third of all women have never experienced an orgasm. Armed with shocking sexual data, a bunch of insecurities and a determination to unlock the key to feminine sexual energy, filmmakers Catherine Oxenberg and Gabrielle Anwar seek out sexual experts, tantric masters, researchers and everyday women to unearth feminism's full potential.

Gabrielle Anwar - Herself
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Country: UK

Language: English

Release Date: 3 Jan 2016

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Rating: 5/10

The subject matter is massively interesting but brought entirely wrong. This could have been so good, but there's a hindrance. The point of view is from 2 Botoxified and liposuction Hollywood-bubble individuals. People whom live outside reality.

Two privileged and upper class snobs, with not-so-serious mental problems, explore orgasms. Two women who would send their dog to a psychiatrist. Out-of-touch persons.

I have to start by saying that as a male I am fortunate enough to always have been able to make my GF's squirt (never with the penis though). Some of them for the first time (up to 33 years). I have come to learn that many females cant, won't and don't want to squirt, nor know how to orgasm. Key is comfort, mentally. Key is for males to apply the 80/20 rule: Give her 80% of the attention (the 20% you receive back is more valuable than the 80% given). Age, the older ones had no difficulty. The younger ones needed some explaining: 'let it go'.

That Anwar lady strikes me as self-aware, egoistic and doesn't come across as a nice person. She actually spoils the documentary a bit. The things she says, the problems she thinks she has, clearly indicates her living in a bubble. At times I felt like she was acting, and I couldn't really emphasize with her tears.

Oxenburg seems a bit more natural, grounded, less self-aware and less snobbish.

All the backdrops are in luxury places, interviews with extravagant 'professionals' (besides some doctors), but no 'real life' situations, or a severe lack thereof. The persons that speak (besides the doctors) are obviously quacks for the rich whom tapped into something extravagant and make a good buck by pretending to be pro's. Also a bunch of corpulent women who have discovered that in their fatness they lower expectations of themselves, embraced it, and can therefore be more open minded and free. Which makes an orgasm more likely. I have found bigger women to be more pro-active, aggressive and more shameless in bed. When dating a Barbie doll, ugh... too many complications.

The end of the documentary does reveal some interesting things regarding child birth and orgasms. Now and again there are some really good points made, but all in all too much useless information to which average Joe is completely insensitive. Or, people may needlessly start to doubt themselves as a picture of perfection is painted, Hollywood creates yet another unreasonable expectation. While in actuality very little people consider not being able to cum in 20 different ways a problem. The majority of society is too busy living and surviving.


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